Mayor Visits 2023 Autoshow to Advocate For Collaboration on Auto-Theft

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown visited with attendees and media at the 2023 Canadian International Autoshow to talk about how the automotive industry can step up to help address the rapidly growing auto-theft problem in Canada. Mayor Brown says that “just like the industry did in 2007, we need to deal with the technology that organized crime is using to exploit what is a very valuable asset.”

Mayor Brown added that “I hope with industry, we’re going to be able to correct this defect, and it is a defect that needs to be reconciled and addressed. We are going to continue to push the StopCarTheftNow.com campaign across Canada.”

Please sign the petition at StopCarTheftNow.com to help in the campaign to get industry and all levels of government working together to solve this issue.

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