Pakistan Independance Day 2023

Mayor Brown spoke at the City of Brampton’s 2023 Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations on Monday, Aug 14 and underscored the connection between the Canadian Pakistani diaspora and their homeland. 

Mayor Brown fondly recalled his inaugural visit to Lahore more than a decade ago, which ignited his love for the country, culture and history. On his most recent trip as part of a City of Brampton economic development team, he visited Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Mayor Brown proudly acknowledged the thriving Pakistani community in Brampton. He extolled among others individuals like Dr. Fareeha Khan and Dr. Naveed Mohammad, who have made significant contributions to the healthcare sector. He celebrated the city’s warm embrace of the Pakistani community and highlighted an anecdote about Shahid Afridi’s sentiment of feeling at home in Brampton, an expression of the city’s hospitality and inclusivity. 

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