Urgent Action Required to Address Peel Region’s Housing Crisis

Brampton is ready and willing to meet the province’s housing targets. But we are not able to do so without the approvals necessary to get shovels in ground – now. 

Brampton wants to build. We want to build more and better housing for its residents. But red tape – and some NIMBY special political interests in Mississauga – stand in the way. We need the Ford government’s help to unlock the full potential for Brampton, for Mississauga and Caledon.

We can’t accept the latest attempt to block new housing. The province’s housing targets are ambitious – and they are achievable. Enough politics, it’s time to build housing in Peel Region and Ontario.

Transcript Summary

At the June 22, 2023 Region of Peel Council meeting, Brampton’s Mayor Brown and Caledon’s Mayor Groves proposed a motion regarding the Province’s Bill 23 housing targets. The motion aims to combat the housing crisis in Peel Region and fulfill housing pledges made to the province. Mayor Brown emphasized the severity of the crisis, where homeownership dreams for young people are hindered by skyrocketing prices.

Acknowledging the provincial government’s efforts, Mayor Brown stressed the need for municipal-level partnership. Regional staff highlighted an $11.1 billion difference between old and new housing goals, with no financing plan in place. The motion seeks to honor promises, allocate necessary funds, and build vital servicing capacity without delay.

Mayor Brown emphasized the urgency, as infrastructure projects historically take up to ten years to complete. Delaying the motion would send a negative message to the province, undermining the region’s commitment to tackling the housing crisis. He called for unity among municipalities, supporting each other’s housing needs and signaling a strong partnership with the province.

Mayor Brown expressed frustration over the constant need to plead for servicing capacity and highlighted the economic potential of downtown and transit corridor projects. He urged stakeholders to stand together, ensuring the region’s fulfillment of housing pledges and actively addressing the crisis.

Immediate support for the motion is crucial to signal the region’s dedication to resolving the housing crisis and aligning with provincial housing goals.

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