Peel Region’s Exceptional Employees and the Challenges Ahead

The Region of Peel is home to exceptional employees who have shown unwavering dedication. These unsung heroes were at the forefront of Canada’s pandemic response. Peel Police, Peel Paramedics, Peel Public Health and other regional departments have made significant contributions to our well-being. Collaboration between our three municipalities and our dedicated employees have been key factors in the Region’s success over the past 50 years.

As we address the challenges of Bill 112 and the dissolution of the Region of Peel by Jan 1, 2025, it is paramount that we work together and have honest conversations about services and the challenges ahead. Preserving services are critical, however, it is important not to sugar-coat the challenges. Redundancies will likely occur. Shared service boards and changes in funding formulas are being discussed, with decisions ultimately resting with the province. Offensive notions, such as poorer areas paying more for policing services based on call volume, hinder collaboration and should be rejected.

Peel Region faces significant infrastructure challenges, with an $11.1 billion shortfall in servicing. This detrimentally affects housing and economic development projects, with many projects involving thousands of housing units along Queen St E and Steeles Ave W already stalled because of lack of sanitation infrastructure.

We must ensure fairness to residents and support our extraordinary staff. Waiting on external decisions from the province’s 5 person review team is not ideal. We must instead commit to collaboration and find solutions in the time remaining.

Peel Region is privileged to have exceptional employees who have made extraordinary contributions. Collaboration, retaining talent, and addressing infrastructure challenges are crucial for future success. By working together and committing to finding solutions, Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon can continue our impressive progress.

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