Mayor Brown Meets with Prime Minister Trudeau

Today, I met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to actively pursue solutions for two important issues for the people of Brampton: combating auto thefts and advancing the construction of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) into Downtown Brampton.

I want to express my appreciation to the Prime Minister for his engagement in our fruitful discussion. We reaffirmed our commitment to a continued partnership between the Government of Canada and the City of Brampton, focusing on tangible solutions to our pressing challenges.

I urged the federal government to install four container scanners at the Port of Montreal and an additional scanner at the Intermodal Hubs in Brampton and Vaughan. I also advocated strongly for empowering our local police with jurisdiction at these critical locations, enhancing our capacity to dismantle auto theft rings that have been causing significant distress in the GTA. This surge in crime has not only led to more audacious thefts but also a disturbing increase in home invasions, as criminals become bolder in their attempts to steal vehicle keys.

Furthermore, I championed federal involvement in Phase 2 of the tunneled LRT extension, which will connect the under-construction LRT with the Brampton Innovation District GO Station in Downtown Brampton. This project is pivotal for enhancing the functionality, resiliency, efficiency, and convenience of our higher-order transit network, thereby transforming urban mobility in Brampton and beyond. Additionally, the completion of the Hazel McCallion Line will catalyze high-density, mixed-use, and pedestrian-friendly developments, anticipated to generate over 30,000 new housing units within a 500-metre radius of the LRT stations.

The Prime Minister and I shared a strong resolve to continue our collaborative efforts on these key projects. As Canada’s fastest growing big city, the ongoing support of the federal government is crucial. We are determined to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding community, which is essential not just for the prosperity of Brampton but for the entire nation.

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